Financial Services

Our mission is to provide accurate analytical and financial reporting services to all departments within the Facilities Operations and Planning division. The Facilities Financial Services team prepares and monitors operating and capital budgets for our division and provides a high level of financial services to the University community in areas such as facilities internal charges, utilities, materials management, real estate property administration, and project accounting.

Services provided:

  • Planning, directing, and coordinating financial accounting and reporting within the Facilities Operations and Planning Division including budget formulation.
  • Provide accounting and decision support to the departments of Design & Construction, Campus Planning & Development, Office of Emergency Management, and Real Estate including journal entries and account reconciliation.
  • Accounting support to the department of Facilities & Operations for the Coral Gables, RSMAS, and C-Stars campuses including billing, journal entries, work order charges, and account reconciliation for billable and non-billable maintenance and Environmental Services, Waste Management, Materials Management.
  • Support for utility and energy accounts for the Coral Gables, RSMAS, and C-Stars campuses including identifying billing anomalies and opportunities for energy conservation.
  • Support the Coral Gables campus University fuel services.
  • Accounting support for Parking and Transportation including management of parking permit revenue, parking citation revenue reconciliation, invoice processing, and inventory management for the Coral Gables campus.
  • Serve as a key resource for departments related to financial management, internal controls, and system enhancements.

 Our Team:

Name/Title E-mail Phone Number
Annette Rivas-Vasquez - Executive Director, Facilities Finance & Administration (305) 284-6820
Boris Nedeff - Director, Facilities Accounting & Operations  (305) 284-1501
Megan Walter, Director, Facilities Accounting  (305) 284-3011
Diana Argudo - Accountant  (305) 284-4027
Clarice Lawrence - Accounting Assistant  (305) 284-4028
Larry Ruiz - Accountant (305) 284-1501

Real Estate:

Adriana Chavez - Accountant       (305) 284-4708             

Construction Projects:

Jose Felpeto - Sr. Accountant  (305) 284-3995
Rechelle Fleneury - Sr. Accounting Assistant  (305) 284-6895
Milagro Fuentes - Accountant  (305) 284-6207
Rosalina Rodriguez - Accountant  (305) 284-6442
Kristy Tobar - Supervisor, Accounting  (305) 284-2504
Yilian Anton - Accountant (305) 284-1943
Oriana Mata - Accountant (305) 284-2504
Milagros Fuentes - Accountant (305) 284-2504

Contact Us:

Office Hours:  8:30am - 5pm, Monday-Friday

Physical and Mailing Address:
1535 Levante Ave
Coral Gables, FL  33146