Jorge Morales and Jackie Lopez are our division’s human resources representatives as part of UM’s shared HR services. They are available to provide support and guidance to our managers and employees and to represent our division’s interests in University-wide HR matters. They are a friendly resource who look forward to being of assistance and helping you to be a successful member of our team.

University's Culture Initiative

The University of Miami’s Common Purpose is one that every UM staffer is a part of, no matter what role they fulfill – the actions of each person play a part in the Common Purpose.

One way this is accomplished is by consistently demonstrating the University of Miami’s DIRECCT Values and Service Standards. These are more than just words – they are the guidelines we base our thoughts and actions on throughout our workday to Build a Better U Together. We encourage you to learn the Common Purpose, DIRECCT Values, and Service Standards as they are integrated into the various aspects of the way we work, from the manner in which we strive to treat one another to the goals we seek to accomplish.

For more information or resources, please visit the University’s Culture Transformation webpage by clicking here.

New Employee Onboarding Program & Staff Announcements

We want to get the good news out, so an announcement will be emailed to our Division for all newly hired employees or employees transitioning into new positions which will include their new role and workplace contact information. This helps raise awareness of newly filled positions within the Division, and helps others get to know new faces – as well as familiar faces in new positions. The New Employee Onboarding Guide is sent to new employees as a quick resource guide to ensure a smooth transition to being a ‘Cane and allows an employee to acclimate much faster to the position and to the University's DIRECCT values, behaviors and vision of transforming lives through teaching, research and service.

Our Division specific guide will hopefully aid in answering questions you may have, or point you in the right direction.

Specific Policies and Procedures

We want to be sure that your experience in your new role is going well, and we want to hear about areas where your onboarding could be better. Jackie Lopez, HR Generalist, will be periodically contacting employees who are in new roles within Facilities Operations and Planning to schedule an informal group discussion. Both the compliments and constructive feedback gathered will be compiled into a summary of the discussion as a whole for continuous improvement. We greatly appreciate your input and suggestions!

Please note that Facilities Operations and Planning has an open door policy so if any issue arises you should consult with your supervisor or one of our HR partners.

Career Development

Facilities Operations and Planning encourages staff to have a career development mindset by having a personal plan of continuous improvement and taking advantage of educational and other learning opportunities. 

UM Community Involvement

The University offers a wide array of community experiences including Employee Resource Groups for employees with similar interests, volunteer experiences for charitable causes and for various events such as Commencement. We know how busy things can get in the day-to-day fulfillment of your job responsibilities, but we want you to know that Facilities Operations and Planning understands the importance of and supports your UM community involvement efforts.

Support services provided by Human Resources include:

Our Team:

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Jorge Morales, Manager  (305) 298-9000
Jackie Lopez, HR Generalist (305) 284-8807


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