Vice President's Message

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Our Division strives to provide excellent campus services and facilities for students, faculty, staff, and all members of the University of Miami community.  We wholeheartedly accept our role as a service team and are dedicated to the University's mission and it's values.

Our portfolio is comprised of a diverse set of integrated departments with a wide-range of responsibilities. We offer a wide array of services and solutions to the University Community.

This variety coupled with the diverse community and the nobility of our mission makes UM a wonderful place to pursue our craft. It is my great honor to lead these departments who are in turn led by a group of very talented, energetic, dedicated professionals.

The quality of our staff is by no means limited to our management. We have an equally talented and committed workforce who contribute daily to our successes.

Throughout the pages and links of our web site we seek to inform you of our services, acquaint you with our staff, and invite your cooperation in achieving shared success. Lastly, we challenge you, to challenge us in the pursuit of excellence.

We are here to serve.