About Us

Under the direction of Jessica Brumley, Vice President of Facilities Operations and Planning, our departments (listed below) provide integrated operational consulting services to a host of University constituents. We do so in keeping with the University's common purpose to transform lives through teaching, research, and service.


"At the U, we transform lives through education, research, innovation, and service."


To be a prudent steward of University resources and a valued an committed partner for the entire University community.


  • Diversity - Valuing and including people from all cultures and backgrounds in the pursuit of our common goals.
  • Integrity - Demonstrating honesty and fairness in our words and actions.
  • Responsibility - Exhibiting pride and accountability in the performance of duties and ensuring the long-term success of our University.
  • Excellence - Striving to accomplish our goals with quality, rigor, passion, and distinction.
  • Compassion - Behaving in a caring, humane, and empathic way.
  • Creativity - Embracing innovation, flexibility, and originality in the pursuit of our vision and mission.
  • Teamwork - Engaging and working well together to achieve optimal results.

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