Campus Planning and Development

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Campus Planning and Development, under the leadership of Alicia Corral, provides expertise in master planning, development regulations, mobility initiatives, historic preservation, and campus urban design. The department provides strategic analysis and direction for future development in compliance with regulations throughout our three primary campuses: Coral Gables Campus, the Medical Campus, and RSMAS. 

In addition, the department collaborates with the parking department, the real estate department, and community and government relations, and maintains effective communication networks with both internal and external constituents. Our campuses future growth supports the University’s vision: To be the hemispheric university; the excellent university; the relevant university; and the exemplary university.

Campus Planning is located at 1535 Levante Avenue, 2nd Floor, Coral Gables, Florida 33146. For directions to the Coral Gables Campus, click here.

The University conducts its academic, research, athletic, and cultural programs at the following three primary campuses:  the Coral Gables Campus, the Medical Campus, and Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.  

Campus Planning provides the Master Plan as a guide for future land use development on the Coral Gables Campus.  

The Campus Planning Department coordinates traffic and mobility initiatives across the University to ensure safe and convenient options are available to the campus community. 

The department oversees zoning and government regulations affecting campus development at its three primary campuses, each located in a different municipality. 

The University is proud of its history and has undertaken a strategic program to identify and preserve the most important buildings that exemplify the early campus architecture. 

Renowned for its lush tropical beauty, the UM Gables campus has in recent years become home to a public sculpture collection.
The Campus Planning department has developed campus tour booklets for all three campuses, providing information on all its buildings.