Coral Gables Campus Historical Resources

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1300 Campo Sano

The Modern Campus

On the Coral Gables campus, local architects not only utilized modern design principles but embraced and adapted them to the local climate.

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Many of the historic buildings on the campus were designed individually by or as a collaborative effort between prominent Miami architects including Robert Law Weed, Robert M. Little, and Marion I. Manley, Miami's first female architect.

The influx of new students after the end of World War II required that a number of wooden buildings be quickly erected on the campus as emergency housing and classrooms.

A $5 million loan from the Federal Housing Administration spurred the development of a housing village for veterans applying for admission under the GI Bill.

Early buildings on the campus employ such elements as sunshades, rain protection, cross ventilation, and a blending of indoor and outdoor environment in an effort to take maximum advantage of Miami's tropical climate.