Transportation and Mobility Planning

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Coral Gables Campus

The Campus Planning Department coordinates with internal and external constituencies to ensure that mobility, pedestrian safety, and parking issues for both proposed and existing campus projects are addressed.  Development on the campuses requires that parking and other infrastructure be in place in order to serve our campus community. Campus Planning incorporates the input of University stakeholders and government agencies in the preparation of technical reports that define the goals, identify issues, generate alternatives, and develop feasible and sustainable plans.  

The University is proud to offer comprehensive mobility options that help to reduce the use of the single-occupant vehicle.  Each year, a Mobility Report is prepared for submittal to the City that describes campus mobility programs and quantifies traffic volumes around the University.  The 2016 Mobility Plan documented that traffic around the University has dropped 33% since 1991 due in large part to mobility initiatives that have reduced traffic entering and circulating around the University and have provided the campus community with multiple alternatives to move through and around the campus.  

 Access the 2016 Mobility Plan here